Candles, Holders & Stands

A beautiful selection Church Candles, also known as Altar Candles, Pillar Candles, Fragrant Soy Pot Candles, Enchanted Glowing Candles and sensual Massage Candles. Candle Holders made of natural Himalayan rock salt crystal for tea-lights, Lava Stone, Driftwood Candle Holders, Vintage style Candle Stands and more...

Aromatherapy Candles
Pure - Natural - Vegan
100% Essential Oils
100% Natural Soy Wax
Enchanted Glowing Candles
100% Natural Soy Wax Candles with the scent of real flowers.
Soy Pot Candles
Calming and relaxing.
Concrete Wooden Wick Candles
Some super fragrances Whiskey & Woodsmoke or Sea Moss & Herbs!
Botanical Candles
Pack of 3 Soybean Wax Candles in round ceramic jars, fantastic fragrances.
Church Candles
Large and small pillar candles, alter candles
Spa & Massage Candles
A blend of essential oils that reaches those aching places
Candle Holders & Stands
Saltrock Candle Holders, Drift Wood Pillar Candle Holder, Holders and Lava Candle Holders, Vintage Candle Stands
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