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Interesting and unusual ways to make your home fragrant, Wax Melts, Simmering Granules, Incense and Essential Oils. To transmit these beautiful aromas we have Reed Diffusers, Oil Burners, Ultrasonic Atomisers, and of course our very cute hand-carved Smoking Dragons and Yoga Cats!

FYI - Do you need Tea-lights for your Oil Burner? [ Click Here ]

Fragrance Oils
Just a few drips in your oil burner goes along way, producing amazing aromas
Simmering Granules
Granules in 200g bags for use with oil burners
Soy Wax Melts
Bringing beautiful aromas to your home.
Essential Oil Reed Diffusers
Large 200ml bottles of pure essential oils to enchant and delight your home.
Aroma Ultrasonic Atomisers
The modern approach to home fragrances for use with our essential oils.
Oil Burners
Stone Oil Burners, Ceramic Oil Burner, Glass Oil Burners, Buddha Oil Burners and more!
Incense Cones & Burners
Aromatic Incense Cones, Smoking Dragon Burners.
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