Premium Bottega Rose-Gold Prosecco paired with luxury Columbian White Chocolate hand-finished with Raspberry.

Bottega Rose-Gold Prosecco & Chocolate Gift Set - Bottle 'N' Bar

SKU: BB19012
  • Premium Bottega Rose-Gold Prosecco 20cl. Gift Set

    Premium Bottega Rose-Gold Prosecco paired with luxury single-origin Columbian White Chocolate hand-finished with Raspberry. Presented in a stunning gift box.

    The Bottle 'N' Bar Gift Set range has 9 decadent spirit pairings with Whisky, Gin, Vodka, Rum, Moonshine and 2 pairings with Prosecco. 

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    Size: H=40cm x W=10cm x D=6cm.                                                Weight: 3 kg.

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