Our Chamomile & Jasmine Cream can be used for aches and pains, menstrual problems, migraine, digestive problems, soothing allergies, sores and eczema. Parabens & SLS free / Cruelty-Free / Not Tested on Animals.

Chamomile & Jasmine Cream

  • Beautifully scented creams and gels using natural plant essences and extracts with therapeutic properties. All ingredients are ethically sourced.

    Perfect as a daily spa treatment to gently cleanse, refresh tired skin, improve skin elasticity and suppleness and reduce cellulite.

    Parabens & SLS free / Cruelty-Free / Not Tested on Animals.

    Size: 100ml.                                                                                    Product Weight: 135g.                                                                      Origin: UK.                                                                                      CPNP: 2136721. (Cosmetic Products Notification Portal).