The modern styllish equivalent of an oil burner with LED lights that change colour.



Fengshui Pod - Ultrasonic Atomiser

  • This cool device has a reservoir for water where you can add essential or fragrances oils. The natural wood effect creates a perfect home decoration ideal in any room in the house or office. Powered by USB that can be plugged into phone charger or laptops, producing a clean stream of aromatic steam. Can also be used as a simple humidifier. Will auto switch off when the water reservoir is exhausted.


    - LED light - 8pcs & warm white LED, colour changing LED

    - 400ml Water Capacity

    - Time mode: 1h, 2h, 3h, ON

    - Powered by AC Adapter ( length of the cord 170cm)

    - Size: Height:10.5cm, Width: 14cm

    - Weight: 310g

    Package Includes:
    1 x LED Aroma Atomiser
    1 x USB Charger Cable
    1 x Manual

    Made in China.

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