Xperience to tingle the senses, relax the mind and refresh the body!

Grande - Xperiences - Home Pamper Gift Set

SKU: BTG10002
  • Give an Xperience that’s not just a gift!

    No need for travel, bookings or appointments.

    Just relax and enjoy the Xperience in the comfort of your home at your leisure.

    Feel as if you have been transported to faraway shores and enjoy the moment with an Xperience to tingle the senses, relax the mind and refresh the body!


    Grande Xperiences - Home Pamper Gift Set

    This Luxury Black Gift Box with magnetic lid is filled with high quality exotic fragances, scents and flavours to satisfy the senses and allow you to enjoy a Spa Pamper session in the comfort of your own home without the need to travel or make appointments. 


    Luxury Black Gift Box contains:

    • 2 x Coconut Bath Eggs
    • 2 x Pomegranate Soy Pot Of Fragrance Candles
    • 1 x Jute Natural Exfoliating Mitt (colours may vary) 
    • 1 x Lemon & Chamomile Linseed Eye-Pillow (reusable).
    • 1 x Zen Spa Music CD
    • 1 x Tea-Pigs Bolly-Good Chai Tea Temple
    • 1 x Raw-Bean Coffee Striking-El-Salvadore Coffee Pyramid
    • Information / Ingredients.


    The black gift box is presented with a black organza and gold raffia bow with gold-glitter gift-tag (left blank).


    Box Size: 160 x 80 x 200mm.

    Weight: 2.1 kg approx.


    Note: Tea/Coffee may be produced in factories where nuts are handled.

    Assembled in the UK by Brilliant Things Gift.

    Contains: products made in UK, EU China & India.

    In accordance with UK & EU regulations.


    Tips for getting the most from your Grande Xperience.

    Whether you take your experience to the bath, shower, foot spa or just a lovely comfy armchair here are just a few tips for relaxation:  Important: It is not recommended to fall asleep in a bath or to leave lit candles unattended.

    • Place the Eye-Pillow in its re-sealable bag provided and place it in freezer to cool for about an hour or so.
    • When the Eye-Pillow is ready to use.
    • Put on the kettle and make a beautiful cup of Premium brand Tea-Pigs Tea or Raw-Bean Coffee.
    • Run a warm bath, foot spa and drop in a Bath Egg (not edible) or place them in the room for added fragrance.
    • Light the candle(s) in a safe place near to where you will relax.
    • Place the Zen Spa Relaxation CD in a player (battery operated bathroom/shower-room) press play.
    • Take time to enjoy your beautiful cup of tea or coffee, but don’t rush.
    • Enter the warm fragrant coconut bath water / gently lower your feet into the warm foot spa / recline into a comfortable position in your favourite chair.
    • Once relaxed (bath, shower) use the exfoliating mitt to gently rub the skin leaving your skin refreshed and softened.
    • Place on the cool Eye-Pillow, close your eyes and gradually slow your breathing to a calm steady pace.
    • Inhale the exotic aromas as you slowly breathe in through your nose and exhale through your mouth.
    • Now think of your favourite place, allow tension to fade, feel calm, peace and relaxation is here.

    Now don’t you feel better for that Xperience.