This Lavender Gel is good for general aches and pains, and also known as an antiseptic.

Lavender Aromatic Gel

  • Lavender can be relaxing, calming and massaged into the temples is said to alleviate headaches and migraine. Also used for rheumatics, headaches, anxiety, depression, insomnia, high blood pressure, colds,  cystitis and burns.

    Beautifully scented creams and gels using natural plant essences and extracts with therapeutic properties. All ingredients are ethically sourced.

    Perfect as a daily spa treatment to gently cleanse, refresh tired skin, improve skin elasticity and suppleness and reduce cellulite.

    Parabens & SLS free / Cruelty-Free / Not Tested on Animals.

    Size: 100ml.                                                                                    Product Weight: 135g.                                                                      Origin: UK.                                                                                      CPNP: 2136816. (Cosmetic Products Notification Portal).