Beard Oil will soften coarse hair making it easier to style and helps to condition the skin underneath.

Spartan Hero - Beard Oil 50ml

SKU: BeardO-03
  • Simple and natural, Patchouli, Lime and Cedarwood Essential oils are carefully blended in Coconut, Avocado and Golden Jojoba Oil for everyday use.

    This super-fine Beard Oil will soften coarse hair making it supple and easier to style, it will help condition the skin underneath, reducing the chances of it becoming itchy and flaky. 

    This mixture of oils is aimed to soften and condition hair follicles to enhance that flawless stubble and beard.

    It's all good and all natural so be a Spartan Hero and cleanse your beard or stubble.

    Cruelty-Free / Not Tested on Animals.

    Size: 50ml.                                                                                        Product Weight: 110g.                                                                      Origin: UK.                                                                                        

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