Thoughtful Ideas!

It's never easy finding that perfect gift for a loved one, family or close friend, who cannot have certain products due to allergies, diet or for health reasons, so we have compiled a selection of gift ideas suitable for many such an occasion.

Thoughtful Gift Ideas
soap flowers

We have a selection of Beautiful

Soap Flower Bouquets for those

who cannot have real flowers because of pollen allergies.

Take a close look, they are very realistic.

low sugar hamper

Limited Sugar Hampers for those who either want, or have to have limited sugar intake, there is no need to miss out when it comes to super treats here!

vegan hamper

Our Vegan Hamper filled with decadent nibbles and luscious Vicuna Merlot wine without any animal based ingredients such as egg or milk, so would also be suitable for those with a lactose intolerance.

alcohol free hampers

We have Alcohol-Free Hampers that contain luxury fruit Pressé or Cordial in place of alcohol based drinks, paired with a delicious selection of goodies.

If in doubt about any ingredients please do not hesitate to contact us for further information or visit our website.